Vernis Sephora

Summer in Bangkok – 50  (duochrome)

sephora-summer-in-bangkok- 50  Sephora Summer In Bangkok swatch


Meet the one – 53 (metal)

Sephora Meet the one - 53   Sephora Mirror, mirror swatch

Night Spirit – 64 (metal)

Sephora Night Spirit 64  Kiko Light Blue Sephora Night Spirit Stamping

Super pour le stamping !

Rock – M04 (metal)

Sephora Rock M04  Kiko Flamingo Pink Sephora Rock

Vraiment parfait pour le stamping !

It’s time to rock! – 70 (metal / palettes / polychrome)

Sephora It's time to rock 70  Sephora It’s time to rock! Kiko Iced Black stamping

Purple Jewely (flakies)
Sephora Purple Jewely Kiko Iced black Sephora Flackies Purple Jewely

Reflets rouges & verts
Moody Woman – 67 (duochrome)

Diving in Malaysia – 68 (duochrome)

Sephora Diving in Malaysia - 68

Tomorow, detox! 72 (metal / pailettes)

Sephora Tomorow, detox! 72

Mirror, mirror – 74 (metal / pailettes)

Sephora Mirror Mirror 74

Coco – L02

Sephora L24 Coco

Dinner for 2 – L05

Valentine – L07

L07 valentine

Reglisse – L24

Sephora Reglisse - L24

Bleu jean – L25

Sephora Bleu jean - L25

Silver Rain (lamelles en métal)

Sephora Silver Rain

Twinkle Twinkle (flakies)

Sephora Twinkle Twinkle

Reflets bleus / verts

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